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I was looking forward to the Q&A as Rafael’s pinned story is self-described as confusing*. It was nice for him to confirm his grievances - 500 word response around donations/PR and significantly shorter responses to the other 4 questions, 5x shorter to be exact. He doesn’t really care about toxic kitchen culture, or “white bros” cooking Asian food, or integrity of food recipes. If those were actually important, there are certainly much larger, and many more, fish in the ocean for him to focus his time on, in addition to Trigg.

Whatever happened, happened; and it happened for multiple years, with Rafael having a front row seat. However, it was differences in opinion on how to manage the $30,000(+) that Trigg raised that caused Rafael to flip the switch. Everything else wasn’t looked past until then. He could have outed the scallion pancake Bon Appetit recipe in 2017. The pork bun sourcing the first day he started working. The cleaver the day it happened. He could have never started working for a “white bro” cooking Taiwanese food. But again, he doesn’t really care about those things; he cares about money, and when it disappeared due to COVID, he went public.

Seems like the whole thing is a “can’t see the forest through the trees” situation – complains about PR/Marketing but directly benefits from it; complains about a small amount of donations but ignores the remaining $30,000; complains about food sourcing but ignores how that directly benefits minority businesses; dedicates 100% of his time to Win Son but ignores all the other toxic kitchen the employees have/now work at.

*Tangent but I’ll note that his word choice is very specific in that post - “might confuse” and “to some” - but yet he uses Trigg’s own wordsmithing against him.

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