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This Needs Hot Sauce is your place to find recipes, restaurant and product recommendations and good reads. It’s also a place to share your favorite foods, books, and more. I’m Abigail Koffler and I started TNHS in 2017 while miserable at a nonprofit job. What started as an escape from the sunday scaries now includes IRL happy hours, cooking classes, and more. This Needs Hot Sauce is an asshole free community where we talk about food, life, and the joys and complexities of both. I love to share my meals, milestones, and mistakes with you and I’m so glad you’re here.

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“Abigail’s writing is like a friend sending you her best advice every week, from restaurant recommendations to article links, every line is worth the read or click. In addition to the newsletter being incredible, if you have questions or just want to chat, she always is responsive and enthusiastic about discussing a food trend or fun way to use the last bit of anything in a jar! I’ve enjoyed being a subscriber so much and signed up for the summer meal prep courses to work more vegetarian meals into my normal rotation. Thank you for creating such an authentic and welcoming space in this corner of the internet!”

“I love to save the newsletter for the weekend and curl up to read it like a good book!”

“The newsletter is always a welcome arrival. It’s intersectional, thoughtful, well edited (not too long), and friendly.”

“I’ve looked forward to Monday ever since TNHS’ launch. Abigail’s unique, empathetic, and poignant voice makes all things food (and the complex stories behind it) accessible, delightful, and thought provoking. Her cooking classes are a blast and I can always count on Abigail for incredible restaurant recs specific to the intersection I’m at in NYC!”

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I teach cooking classes, both virtually and in person, with my work wife, Erica. You can get all the info here!

Erica and I wrote a meal prep ebook designed to help with decision fatigue! Preorder Meal Prep Made Simple here.

I also contribute to a variety of publications (and am always looking for new opportunities). You can read my work here.

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I'm a writer and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn. This Needs Hot Sauce is your place for recipes, restaurant & product recs, good reads and a great community. I started this newsletter in 2017 while at a terrible job and it totally changed my life!