Plus, latkes & vokdas, za'atar cacio e pepe, and cream cheese
They're not really burritos
Mac and cheese, fried cauliflower worth the waitlist, and pumpkin whipped cream
Subscriber Thread: A Last Minute Chat On Monday, I went over to Oset’s apartment for dinner. She recently moved and was excited to host a little dinner party. She decorated beautiful…
Gearing up for a week of good food and REST
Good stuff for all your favorite people
Hello there, It’s a big week around here! The gift guide is coming on Thursday (!) and Erica and I have more cooking classes coming up in the new year.…
Plus, where to buy za'atar
Family meals, college food favorites, and a very special staycation
This year, I’m spending Thanksgiving (it’s so soon, how?) with Dale’s mom, who is a longtime vegan. She’s a great cook and I’m looking forward to curri…
Four years of This Needs Hot Sauce and a very special weekend in Philly!
And some good apartment news!