What are your Juneteenth Plans?

I’ve found some more resources in the past few days that I wanted to share ahead of tomorrow’s holiday.

-Jewish Juneteenth celebrations anyone can join

-NYC Protests and Events around Juneteenth (look for your borough)

-This free talk on power looks really compelling

-Juneteenth is an international holiday!

-Jerrelle Guy’s spooncake with strawberries looks like the perfect dessert.

-Voting is a great way to mark Juneteenth, though voting in our country is deeply flawed and steeped in our racist history (Felony voter disenfranchisement is a huge issue). Find info on early voting for NYC here.

I’ll be kicking things off with this talk tonight, hopefully some of you can join!

I’m also curious if this is your first time observing Juneteenth or it’s something you learned about growing up (for this writer, it feels different this year). No judgement either way.

Feel free to share articles or resources you’ve found helpful! Just be respectful of others.

xo, Abigail