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The Best Meals of 2020 and a much needed break

Q&A: Dani Cadena on moving to France in the middle of a pandemic and baguette runs in lockdown

Brownies from a box and the future of New York Restaurants

Family Recipes, Latke Toppings, and Virtual Holidays: A Hanukkah Q&A with the Jewish Food Society

So Fraiche, So Clean

Latkes and Vodkas and Really Good Parties

Ease back in

What's on your table this year?

English Muffins and American traditions

Thanksgiving Food and Thanksgiving Context

Pizza Snacks and what to do about Thanksgiving

The First Annual This Needs Hot Sauce Gift Guide

Pop the Champagne!

My experience as a poll worker

Soup and hope

Whetstone Magazine and the Long View

Cheers to Three Years of This Needs Hot Sauce!

A year of support

How are you really doing?

Preheat your oven for pumpkin bread

Hammock time, applesauce cake, and all the soups

Get outside! And bring a sandwich

Let's talk about hunger

Outdoor dining, outdoor movies, and outdoor oysters

It's almost lunch time

What comes next?

Letter of Recommendation: Time to Eat with Nadiya Hussain

Your Fall Wines Starter Pack and a Brand New Year

Reader Q&A: Cooking Stage Fright and The Future of Restaurants

The universe wants you to have a bagel

Plans for a long weekend

The Last Day of a Bar

Can you go home again? A case of restaurant nostalgia

Blueberry Muffins, Greek Food, and a Pool

There's no place like a home kitchen

This Country Needs Poll Workers (and dipping sauces)

Another Delicious Chickpea Recipe (with Lime Tarka)

Burlington Beverages and Brooklyn Bodegas

What should I do with a sweet potato?

Black bean burgers and more bad actors

PSA: Take a beach day

We need to talk about Win Son

How I'm approaching this quarantine summer

Let the rain fall down

This weekend's fundraiser and a workshop recap

How to grow a newsletter from scratch

Five of my favorite food creators on Tiktok

Are you dining out? and other reopening thoughts

Who doesn't like a taco?

What are your Juneteenth Plans?


Food media's failures


This flatbread is the best thing I've made in quarantine

May Q&A: What knives should I buy? and other reader questions

The first ever This Needs Hot Sauce cooking class

Prepare for a long weekend with cacio e pepe

Baking in quarantine? Think smaller

Small batch brownies and some thoughts on that Alison Roman interview

What should we add to our grocery lists?

We've hit the banana bread stage feat. Garden Variety

Q&A: Angely Mercado on Dominican and Puerto Rican comfort foods, how coronavirus is affecting immigrant communities, and her adorable new cat

Bartering for Bagels

My mom had COVID-19. Here's how she got through it.

Taco Shells and Pantry Shelves

Let's talk about money

At least there's time to caramelize onions

Q&A special: What do I do with celery? & more reader questions

It's Somehow Spring

On baking bread, buying bread, and breaking bread

Get groceries and grow scallions

A Seder Like No Other

Make nachos, Make challah, Make do

Calendar fail! Updated info here

Our first digital happy hour...and lots of pantry meals

Read this from home

Scenes from a Mexican Restaurant on March 11th

Cooking and dining out in the time of Coronavirus

Staying in vs. Going Out

Planning when you can't plan ahead

At least we have pizza

What comes next? City Bakery's Maury Rubin goes all in on Wonderbon Chocolate Co.

Netflix and Chili

Where have all the good recipes gone?

Where do you find recipes?

S'More Soft Serve

Beyond Candy Hearts

Get the fan tuan

The rest of the winter

An Oasis on the Hudson

The last things you'll cook in January

Pizza, French Toast, and Cheese Snowstorms

Where to take out of towners in New York

Stews you can use and a new chocolate chip cookie

Weekend Cooking Projects

A restaurant that feels like a dinner party

The art of the long weekend

This year, we eat more tacos

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